Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is like Spring Break all the time, but maybe with tourists who have some money, not just students. Basically, it is full of tourists and two-for-one tequila. We took full advantage!  As it was Nicky’s birthday, we got a recommendation for a nice restaurant (Pollo del Oro) from the person at IGY Marina. Later, we had the recommendation confirmed by an information guide on the street. The food was good, even though it was served under fluorescent lights, on plastic tables covered in plastic red and white checkered table clothes. It wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but we hope it is memorable to Nicky!

After the special birthday dinner, we visited Cabo Wabo, Squid Roe, Baja Jungle (BJ’s), and the Knotty Bar. Manny wow’ed Nicky with his dancing at Cabo Wabo and Nicky taught us line dancing at BJ’s. Zophia kept getting free shots sent over to our table…
Needless to say the next day was quiet. We rested up to go out again! This time we started with dinner at a restaurant that had two-for-one drinks (like every restaurant) and the Canucks game on the TV! The Canucks beat the Black Hawks in a shoot-out. Then off we went to a few more bars!
Sadly, Manny and Nicky left the next day. No more physics or astronomy jokes or debates, or Nicky’s famous breakfasts. We hope they had as much fun as we did and they're both welcome to come back soon!