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Boat preparations

At the end of 2012, we decided to set our departure date for September 2013.  This meant we had to accelerate our boat preparations.  First stop was to see Ian Sloan in Anacortes ( Anacortes Rigging ) to have the standing rigging replaced and a few other things.  We cannot say enough good things about Ian and his team, and would recommend them to everyone. Next was back to Vancouver for a bunch more work.  Most of it was stuff we could tackle, but knew the batteries needed replacing and the wiring had some issues.  That's when we contacted Jeff Cote ( Pacific Yacht Systems ) who's team did a great job.  Again, we'd whole heartedly recommend them. Finally, it was more little jobs that seem to eat away time faster than one can imagine.  It also involved so many trips to the marine store that Malcolm would say "See you tomorrow" instead of "goodbye" when leaving the store.