We left San Jose del Cabo on Christmas Eve. The morning started off with some nice sailing. By noon, two whales were breaching near us again and we meandered with them for a while. The wind picked up to over 25 knots and we motored through the chop with just the solent sail. About an hour before wee anchored in Los Fraile’s Bay, a whale jumped out of the water about 50’ from our boat!
We spent Christmas on the beach at Los Fraile’s and swimming in the warm clear water. Malcolm made duck for Christmas dinner and then, while Zophia went to bed, we hoisted anchor and left for Ensenada de los Muertos (rumour is that it's recently been renamed to Ensenada de los Suenos to attract tourists). We arrived the next morning, as Zophia was waking.
We spent a lovely Boxing Day lounging about the boat. The wind was a bit too much to take Tubby ashore and there were many locales with RV’s and small power boats along the shore.  During the evening, there were 5 sailboats and 2 power boats anchored in the bay. In the morning, all had left except us and one other sailboat from France.
We weighed anchor late in the morning and motor/sailed the 11 nautical miles to the southern end of Isla Cerralvo. We anchored in the lee of the island, protected from the winds wiping south through the channel between the island and the main part of Baha. We enjoyed watching at least 4 different species of birds swoop and dive for fish and a wonderful sunset.