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Launching the boat from Port Vila Boatyard

We arrived back in Vanuatu on June 3rd, almost 7 months after we left, and were ready to make preparations to get back on the water.  The two biggest jobs were going to be cleaning everything, and examining the rudder. It turns out that Vanuatu is a lot wetter than we expected, or at least it was this past cyclone season, and it stays cloudy so things never dry out. The impact of this was a lot of mould both inside and outside of the boat.   Our first week back was mostly consumed with laundry, cleaning lines, cleaning the deck, wiping inside of cupboards, under the floor and so on.  We did get out to a fun restaurant in town for the Pizza Special on Tuesday night. The beer was cold and the pizza was pretty good. The Port Vila Yacht club is open on Sundays for lunch, drinks and some dinghy sailing. It’s located right at the boatyard, so we met a bunch of nice people there and took an afternoon off from our labours. Our rudder consists of a metal rudder post with metal pl