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South Towards Brisbane

We arrived at Double Island Point in the mid afternoon. Like a lot of the Australian coast so far, the coast is a sandy beach. It appeared as though a couple of surfing schools arrived about the same time as we did. We heard that under the right conditions, people can ride the wave coming in from the point for about two kilometres. It is some sort of protected park here, so people have to drive in a ways to get here. We didn't bother going ashore and had a restful evening. In the morning we saw a small pod of dolphins nearby. They must have been hunting because they stayed at about the same spot and just kept diving. Surfing students Morning dolphins The weather was cooperating so we continued south and sailed for a few hours to Noosa. Most sailors do not stop at Noosa as it is known for being a rolly anchorage with big waves. Surfers, on the other hand, love it. The headland and cliffs of Noosa are home to the Noosa National Park which is (supposedly) home to koalas. We