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Setting off!!

In the grey, wet, early Monday hours Dina and crew slipped the lines and left Vancouver. The plan is to head to Port Angeles to check in and get a US cruising permit. Then, off to Neah Bay and sit waiting for a good weather window. With Malcolm's injury, he'd be a big liability on the passage.  So he's heading to Grandma's place in San Diego to recuperate.  There, he'll work on perfecting his Margarita recipe (although it probably can't be improved, he'll keep trying). It was a wonderful sail from Vancouver. Gary Peacock, Dennis Giraud, and I left False Creek Yacht Club early Monday morning and had great wind sailing across Georgia Strait. We reefed the main and should have used the staysail, but we rolled in some of the genoa and had the rail in the water. Once through Gabriola Pass, there was still some wind, but right on the nose, so we motored to Victoria. We had a nice shout out from Riki Tiki Tavi as they headed to Montague and a call fro

Texting and walking - really bad idea

Malcolm didn't watch where he was walking and ended up with a Jones fracture of the 5th metatarsal on his left foot! It's not a good thing to do ( ). The doctor said "crutches for 6 weeks, and then we'll see how it looks". We're thinking about Dina sailing the boat down to California with some friends and Malcolm flying there to meet them.