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Toronto Highlight

We hope Zophia and our friends are not offended, but the highlight of Toronto has to be “the cutest boy ever”. Hudson is an adorable two year old who loves short walks in the park and enjoys picture books. His parents are Mark and Val, two great friends of ours. Hudson reading in his lounge chair Mark and Hudson Cutest boy ever! Malcolm photo-bombing Hudson's selfie Hudson’s little sister Everley doesn’t talk much.  She has spent the last 5 weeks eating, sleeping and making dirty diapers. Like Hudson, Everley is also adorable. Everley staring at the camera Not sure what she's thinking Dina explaining something to Hudson (Everley is bored) It is very sad to say goodbye to everyone again, but it’s getting cold here and our boat is waiting for us.

Ontario – Friends, Family, Gin and Photography

Back to Ontario, where we spent so many years... Zophia picked us up at the airport and we spent a LONG time in traffic as we headed out to Waterloo.  With her roommates gone for the summer, there was lots of room in her apartment for us.  It was great to see her, and it seems like she appreciated some grown-ups around who know how to cook.  Apparently she remembered the duck recipe as she claims she made it for a friend and the two of them have not been hospitalized.  Waterloo isn’t that far from Toronto, so we went back and forth a few times as did Zophia. We drove up to Wasaga Beach and visited with Pat and Ted. They used to live in Vancouver and have retired in Ontario. In addition to great food and catching up, they introduced us to Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery ( ). Our friend Michelle was kind enough to let us stay at her place in Toronto.  This meant doing more cooking and enjoying some awesome wine with her.  Michelle works in the wine industry and kn