Heading North in the Sea of Cortez

Our friends Gary and Karina are sailing their boat to Mexico and plan to leave it in Guaymas next year, so they asked us if we wanted to drive their car down for them.  We jumped at the chance and ended up having a great time visiting some friends along the way and seeing some amazing scenery (road trip photos to follow).
We also got to do some shopping along the way!  We arrived safe and sound, the car was fine but a bit dirty, the boat was also fine and quite dirty.
Arrival - us, car, and boat all safe and sound Wine and cider from BevMo and Costco in Tuscon!

After a few days getting ready we sailed up to San Carlos, which has lots of vacation properties and a problem with mice at the marina.  Dina sacrificed a plastic bottle for some mice-guards on the dock lines.
Anchored by some vacation homes in San CarlosMouse defense

Lot's of people choose not to go north of San Carlos, probably due to the larger distances between anchorages and the limited amount of facilities.  That didn't stop us and we were rewarded with some great sails, beautiful anchorages and tons of wildlife.  Several times we had sea birds take a rest and get a free ride on our boat.
Cormorant nesting in cactusBoobie getting a free ride

Lizard, related to Iguanas