La Paz - Decision time

We arrived in La Paz on March 2 and docked at Marina de la Paz. The plan had been to replace the steel steering cables with spectra, have the genoa repaired, route the copper grounding for the Ham radio, take the Ham radio operator exam, fix the still leaking seacock, fly to Mexico City for the long-stay visas for French Polynesia …etc.

Then we made the decision not to cross the Pacific this year. We realised there is no need to rush things. So we relaxed!

We received an email from our sailing friend in Vancouver, Gary Peacock, telling us how he had been out racing sailboats that day in 30 knot wind and it had snowed, hailed, and had freezing rain all during the race. We responded by telling him how hot, sunny and lovely it was in La Paz. A couple of hours later, Gary emailed giving us his and his wife’s flight details for their arrival the next week!

Not only were we thrilled with the idea of sailing with Gary and Karina, but they were also bringing us a spare genoa! At this point, we had no idea if our genoa could be fixed. While we awaited Gary and Karina, we did take our genoa to Doug at Snug Harbor sails in La Paz. Fortunately, Doug said the sail was still in great shape and could be repaired without trouble.