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Exploring Moreton Island with Friends

It is just the start of spring here, and we plan to hang out around the Brisbane area until it gets warmer. Then we will go south towards Sydney and Tasmania. This plan works out well with waiting three weeks for our new sail to be made and friends flying in and out of Brisbane for visits. There is a big bay here (Moreton Bay) and some lovely islands (Moreton and North Stradbroke) to explore. Coincidentally, our friends Ollie and Linda from Big White Ski Resort in BC, Canada, happen to be in Brisbane visiting friends and family. They came out to see us and take a look at the boat. We had a lovely lunch and catch-up with them. The next day, Beth, who we met during our second season skiing in Japan, arrived for a week. We did the local tourist highlight of strolling along Bee Gee’s Way, a short laneway full of Bee Gee memorabilia, statues, photos and music in Redcliffe. The winds were predicted to turn during the night, so we had a day-sail to Lucinda Bay on Moreton Island for lunch. W