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Spending time around La Paz

We had a lovely sail down to La Paz from Guaymas.  We made a few stops at some nice anchorages but we didn't go ashore as Malcolm has broken his foot again! Yep, last September he broke his left foot before we left Vancouver. It is his other foot this time!  He was working on some wiring in the ceiling in the boat and caught his foot when stepping down. The resulting crash broke a bone in his foot and now he has to keep weight off it for 6 weeks (3 more to go).  He started out with a regular cast but it didn't slow him down from working on various boat projects, so after 5 days it was falling apart. Now he has a nice sturdy boot for bashing around the boat and a pair of crutches for getting around off the boat. Malcolm steering the boat while keeping his foot raised We've had a lovely Christmas.  Both Heather and Zophia came down to visit! Heather waiting for Christmas dinner on Falcon VII Dina and Zophia enjoying the sunset from "the balcony"


We've been seeing a number of birds around the boat and the marinas we've been to.  Here are some of our favourite photos. Brown Boobie hitching a ride We don't know what kind of bird this is Green Heron Great Blue Heron Osprey on top of our neighbours mast