Fishing Stories - Isla San Francisco and Isla Partida

We motored the 14 nm between San Evaristo and Isla San Francisco. The water was warm and clear. Steve on Aurora came by with his dinghy and a huge dorado  (Mahi Mahi) he had caught. As he has no refrigeration, he was giving fresh fish away. We talked fishing and helped him out by taking some fresh dorado. It was delicious.

The next morning, Steve came by early. He had just caught a huge, much-prized yellow tail! Steve expertly filleted it and to help him out with his lack of refrigeration problem, we graciously accepted some more fresh fish. Now we are always on the look-out for Steve!
As we motored to Isla Partida, Malcolm trailed a green and white plastic squid on the hand fishing line. He caught something and pulled it in! An angry 4’ shark hooked with a plastic squid came alongside the boat. We couldn’t bring it on board without risking serious injury to us! There was no way to reach down and remove the hook. Malcolm went to get the camera before we planned to cut the line (the hook would eventually erode away in the salt water), when the shark somehow disengaged itself from the hook and swam away. Problem solved! We have not used that green and white squid again!