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Beqa Lagoon to Denarau

After our visit to Beqa Lagoon, we motored and sailed west along the south coast of Fiji’s large island, Viti Levu.  We stopped for a night in Somosomo Bay. Once we made it past the large waves crashing onto the reef on both sides of the entrance to the bay, the anchorage was good-holding and calm. The next day we sailed to Likuri Island, also known as Robinson Crusoe Island, where there is a small resort. The wind started out light, but by the time we needed to manoeuvre between the reefs to enter the bay, it had picked up considerably. The resort was nice and, one evening, we were able to see the famous Fijian Fire Dancers. The owners have changed and the new owner is not as yacht-friendly as the previous owner.  However, the staff was very nice and the guests were keen to talk with us. One couple, from Germany, even kayaked out to visit us on board the boat! Drinks at Robinson Crusoe Resort After a few days of resort drinks, we hoisted anchor and sailed toward the Worl

Leaving Suva

We left Suva and motored about 20 miles south to Beqa Lagoon (pronounced "Benga"). We went ashore, met the village chief and performed sevusevu (gift giving ceremony) and were then welcomed to stay in the anchorage and visit the village. We went for a long snorkel and saw some of the coral and sea life that Beqa Lagoon is famous for. In the afternoon, we saw the "school boats" returning with lots of children so we headed into the village to meet them. They were excited to have visitors. While we were there we found out that Ropate Kauvesi, the manager of the World Champion Fiji 7s Rugby Team, was visiting his in-laws in the village. The team just returned from England where they won a major championship and are soon headed to Brazil for the Olympics. We were able to meet him and congratulate him on the team's success. The next day we took advantage of the calm anchorage and Dina went up the mast. In between some unexpected gusts of wind tha