Photos from the Marquesas

We are at a cafe in Tiaohae, on Nuka Hiva, with mediocre Internet access.  That means we can finally post some photos that we've taken since leaving Mexico.

This is what a squall looks like.  It's a safe distance behind us.

Crowded anchorage in Hiva Oa.

Dina trying out the outdoor shower.

Black sand beach on Hiva Oa.
Locals cooling their horses off in the water.
This horse loved the water.

Local refreshments!

Colourful outrigger canoes.

Mountain spires on Ua Poa

Church on Ua Poa.
More mountain spires on Ua Poa

Church on Hapatoni.

Main street - Hapatoni.

Tiki with lichen

Round eyes - typical Marquesian tiki

Modern Tiki - Mother and Child

Tikis at archaeological site.

More tikis at archaeological site.

Marquesian dancers.

Marquesian Dancer

Marquesian Dancer.

Marquesian girl looking at Mom.

Marquesian guitar players.

Marquesian Lady

600 meter waterfall

Malcolm - selfie at base of waterfall.

Malcolm, Dina and Marcus swimming in the pool at base of waterfall

Big wasp on rim on glass.

Yellow-green bird on Banana Tree

Tropical rain, while we're anchored near Hapatoni