The water here inside the lagoon at Makemo is so clear. We are anchored in 40-50 feet and can see the bottom!

We had a wonderful time in the village when we arrived. We placed a pastry order at the bakery and the next morning Malcolm went to collect croissants, pain chocolate, apple turnovers, twisted pain chocolate and baguettes. Not all for us! We took orders for the other boats, too!

We thought about going back for cheese as the stores here are surprisingly well stocked. After "breakfast" we couldn't move our pastry-filled bellies to go back into town to buy anything. Instead it was a good reading day.

The next day we motored 15 miles through part of the lagoon. Most of it is 40 to 60 feet deep, but there are coral heads scattered around. Malcolm hung out at the bow keeping watch. You need to look for the colour change and perhaps a funny wave pattern. We did just fine, although we had been quite nervous. We arrived at a much quieter anchorage. No town, just a lovely beach and 5 other boats.

The following morning we explored the beach and took a classic "Tropical beach" photo. We still don't have Internet access so we are doing the "blog update via email". Hopefully the photo looks good.

Our friends on Belle Epoque suggested a pot luck dinner on the beach for all the boats in the anchorage. In addition to some good food, good company and a little bonfire, we got to see lots of sargeant crabs (like large hermit crabs) on the beach and one little rat.

We knew the wind was still good so we made plans to sail to Tahanea. Perhaps we will catch up to Chuck and Laurie on Free Spirit.