Sea Rover (Vancouver to Port Hardy)

We flew back to Vancouver at the end of May.  The plan was to visit our older daughter Heather in Victoria and meet her new boyfriend Alex. Then we’d spend the month of June helping Gary get his boat, Sea Rover, up toward Port Hardy while his wife Karina spent another month going to work.  

We followed the plan and spent a few days in Victoria and then went back to Vancouver to jump on Sea Rover. Our departure was delayed a bit while we helped Gary and Karina get a FEW last minute jobs finished on their boat.  For everyone who knows Gary or knows sailboats, you’ll understand what a FEW jobs entail. So after 30+ days of boat work we departed Vancouver on Sea Rover and headed north.  
Karina fixing something under the floor Karina re-attaching the ceiling panels

The trip was pretty good and included a visit at Karina’s parents place near Nanaimo, a great sail north toward Campbell River, some great cinnamon buns and great fresh bread (thanks Gary!). With Karina scheduled to meet us at the end of June we had a few extra days so we explored The Broughton’s.  It was an area that interested us and it didn’t disappoint.  In fact, it was nice enough that after picking Karina up in Port McNeil the four of us spent another few days in The Broughton’s before Gary and Karina dropped us off and went exploring on their own.
Lacy Falls


Humpback flukes