Back to La Paz and Gary and Karina were onboard from March 9-16. We sailed to Puerto Balandra then on to Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Espiritu Santo. In the heat of the day, we took the long hike across the island to Playa Bonanza, where the water felt especially refreshing after the hike. We sailed to Los Islotes and Malcolm, Gary and Karina swam with the sea lions.

We anchored in Ensenada El Cardonal on Isla Partida and did the shorter hike to the east side of the island. Then we sailed to Isla San Francisco and swam in the warm, clear water.

On the sail back to La Paz, we saw a speed of 9 knots, but we are not sure if it was when Gary or Karina was at the helm! It was great to see them and we're looking forward to them getting down here with their boat.

After Gary and Karina left, we received another surprise email. This time our landlubber friends, Bill and Anita Rudiak, from San Francisco, California were coming to visit! Rather than stay at the marina waiting for Bill and Anita’s arrival, we took off for Espiritu Santo and La Partida islands. Not having to get the boat ready to cross the Pacific Ocean gave us a lot of free time!

With limited time and not wanting to risk seasickness, we arranged for a private panga tour with Bill and Anita. First we found a whale shark. These are the world’s largest fish. They can grow up to 46’ with a 5’ wide mouth. Bill and Malcolm swam with a juvenile whale shark that was only 30’.
Then we went to a sea lion rookery and swam with the sea lions.

Finally we went to the beach at Puerto Balandra for a picnic of nachos, salsa, and beer.

Along the way, we saw some blue-footed boobies.

We took Bill and Anita to a couple of our favourite restaurants in La Paz; burgers at the Shack, breakfast at Harken Boards (patio on the roof, paddle boards on the main floor), and Las Tres Virgenes. It was wonderful to catch up with them!