About Us

Years ago, when Dina and I (Malcolm) were first dating in Toronto, Dina mentioned that she wanted to learn to sail so I seized the opportunity to impress this young lady and signed us up for lessons.

The lessons went well. We enjoyed sailing and enjoyed each other's company, so we joined the Humber College Keelboat club and got to spend lots of time on the lake in a variety of boats.

We also attended a number of courses (Intermediate Cruising, Coastal Navigation) through Humber College and gained more knowledge and experience.

Luckily, we got invited to crew on a boat that was racing regularly (and doing well) in the Lake Ontario racing scene. The boat owner, Ted Weir, was very helpful and nice enough to let the various crew members try different roles on the boat and drive the boat to and from the race courses. This solidified our love of sailing and got us a lot more experience in a larger variety of conditions.

While still in Toronto, we chartered boats in the Caribbean a couple of times with some sailing friends and got to experience living aboard for a week at a time. We also chartered boats in Belize, Georgian Bay and Boston. We've posted some pictures here in the first blog entry: Sailing

 With our daughters getting older, we had to start thinking about our lives once they left for University. In December of 2008, Malcolm quit the “rat race” and became a full time ski and snowboard instructor at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia. In the summers, he worked as a sailing instructor at Kelowna Yacht Club and with the Disabled Sailing Association in Vancouver. Dina continued working in a “real job”.

In 2009, Dina's career took her to Vancouver. It was time to get our own boat and sail the beautiful Pacific Northwest with the eventual plan of sailing offshore. So the adventure began...The-beginning-of-the-adventure