Final days in Mexico

We’ve had lots of fun here in Mexico.

We’ve seen lots of sea life.

We’ve seen lots of beautiful birds.

We’ve been on some nice hikes.

We've stayed in some pretty anchorages.

We’ve played in the ocean.

We’ve sailed in the sunshine.

We’ve enjoyed the sunsets.

We’ve been here for two winters, but now it’s time to go. Many of our friends are working their way north to Guaymas to store their boats for the summer and leave before hurricane season.  We’ve already said goodbye to them.

A few of our friends are getting ready to head to the South Pacific, just like we are.

Over the next few days, we’ll work our way down to the southern tip of Baja California and do our final preparations before crossing to the Marquesas’ Islands, the easternmost islands in the South Pacific. The Marquesas’ Islands are over 2000 miles away. Depending on the wind and currents, the crossing could take from 20 to 30 days.

Once we’re in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ll have until November to explore before figuring out what to do for their hurricane (cyclone) season.  It looks like we have a lot to explore.
Our approximate plan