Santa Rosalia to Loreto

We'd seen some damage due to Hurricane Odile up in Bahia de Los Angeles, and were wondering how bad things might be in Santa Rosalia.  The whole town is in a large arroyo (gully) and we thought the flood damage might be severe.

Luckily for the town, things were not that bad.  Some roof damage here and there, and some dock damage.  The worst damage seemed to be the museum (partial roof collapse) and the older marina with the wooden docks.  We found out that a couple of boats at the older marina broke loose of their lines and crashed through the docks.  Two months after the hurricane, one boat was still in a pretty bad situation.  In the photo you can see where the dock used to be.

Wooden schooner still in the middle of the crash site
Two friends from Vancouver, Mel and Pete, met us in Santa Rosalia.  They had flown into Loreto and taken a local bus to where we were.  The first day we started off with good wind and were sailing along right away.  In the afternoon we caught a fish and cooked it up on the BBQ for dinner. Mel thought we might catch more fish, but we had to disappoint her and explain that we aren't usually that successful. Other than not catching any more fish, Mel and Pete had a great time. We think we got all the highlights covered: we sailed a lot of the time, got to some nice beaches, saw some cool fish while snorkeling, saw whales, dolphins, and rays jumping, had nice sunsets and great conversations. The plan had been to sail them back down to Loreto and send them home tanned, relaxed and a bit envious.  The four of us all agree that the plan was a success.
Mel and Pete enjoying the sailing