Punta Pulpito to Guaymas

We left Punta Pulpito about noon to make the crossing to Guaymas. We motor-sailed (main and solent sails as the genoa was ripped) for about 10 hours, but then sailed the next 8 hours. The wind was great and the seas were flat so we went faster than expected and were on track to arrive at Guaymas several hours before sunrise.  We don’t trust the nautical charts, so during Malcolm’s watch (from midnight to 3 AM) he was adjusting the sails to dump wind and slow us down. Dina did the same during her watch from 3 AM until 6 AM. We still arrived a bit early so Dina hove-to outside the entrance to Guaymas Bay until the sun came up, then we motored into the shallow bay and docked at the government marina, Fonatur Guaymas.

Sea Boa, with Allan and Ali, and Golden Heart, with Lee and Cynthia, both from Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, greeted us at the dock. Patsy Thompson and Tony Latimer, with their boat, Forbes & Cameron, also from Vancouver Island, were also at Fonatur, but up on the hard. A few days later, Steve and Sibylle on Wanderer I, also from Vancouver, arrived at the marina. It was a Canadian invasion.
Guaymas is a lovely town. The people are very friendly. The streets have sidewalks and trees, the houses have gardens, and there is a sense of pride and caring. The first week we tackled a number of projects and it was much easier and more fun with all the help and advice from our dockmates. Off the boat was fun, too. Cynthia took us to the local weekly farmer’s market, everyone shared their favourite restaurant tips (still upset we never got the papas locas – baked potatoes stuffed with cheese, bacon, onions, and we aren’t sure what else!), and Lee and Cynthia drove us to San Carlos for an afternoon of expresso and ice cream!