Boat Shopping

It took almost a year to find the right sailboat.  We wanted something that would be big enough for a global adventure, with enough head room, but not too big for either one of us to sail single-handed. Obviously, it had to be ready for Blue Water sailing, so the standard "charter boats" were not on the short list. We had been looking at boats up and down the west coast of Canada and the US, when we were told about a boat for sale that had been sailed from Cape Town to Canada. 

We first saw the boat (click for details) at the dock in Sidney, BC.  A week later, we had a provisional offer on the boat and Malcolm was heading back to Sidney with our friend Jamie for the sea trials and to have the boat surveyed.
Nice April day for sea trials

Everything checked out so after another week the boat was ours and Jamie and Malcolm were bringing the boat back to Vancouver with some other friends.

Her new home, right on the sea wall

Our boat as seen from the Burrard Bridge

Sunset from our dock