We sailed from Santa Rosalia to Punto Chivito then on to Mulege, actually to the mouth of the Santa Rosalia river, 2 nautical miles from the town of Mulege. We anchored with Falcon VII and with Jim and Trisha in their dinghy and us in Tubby, we headed up the river. Although the river is known to flood, it is lined with date palms and many lovely homes. We touched bottom a couple of times as the river is very shallow in some places. We tied the dinghies near an RV located on the riverbank and walked into Mulege.

The Spanish discovered the town in the 1500’s and because of the fresh water from the river, it became an important settlement. The first mission was built in 1705. It was swept away in a flood and was rebuilt, further inland, in 1770 and is still there today.