San Jose del Cabo

We spent another day in Cabo as Zophia thought she needed a bit more night life. We spent the day at the beach, tried to find a restaurant that did not have mediocre, expensive food, then Zophia decided she, too, had had enough free drinks for ladies and two-for-one tequila and we all went back to the boat.  The next morning, we filled our fuel and water tanks and motored out into the sunshine.
Within an hour of leaving the craziness of Cabo San Lucas we had two whales breaching nearby! They were jumping up and over onto their sides, flapping their large flippers! Luckily we had the camera out and got some photos of the awesome spectacle.

 We docked in the very quiet marina of San Jose del Cabo and walked to the Hotel El Ganzo. What a find! It is a spectacular hotel dedicated to the arts with a Hunter S. Thompson theme. We fell in love with the rooftop infinity pool and infinity hot tub. The art throughout the hotel is wonderful and we were able to peek down the wooden doors in the floor of the downstairs restaurant to where the recording studio is located. Unfortunately/fortunately, Charlie Sheen was not there when we were, but he is a regular.
That night, the hotel drove us, in their deluxe Defender, to their other restaurant, on the other side of the marina, called, The Container. It was a large shipping container turned into a patio restaurant that served fantastic food.

Since we found El Ganzo, we decided to stay another day. In the morning we took the hotel’s pontoon boat across the channel to their private beach. After a light lunch and a mango daquiri, we went back to the rooftop pool and hot tub.

We had been told by the crews of Georgia and Avant, that the local restaurant, El Marinero Borracho, was not to be missed. So we walked over only to find out the restaurant is closed on Mondays. We wandered down the street to the Vaca Loca, and outdoor taco, potatoes and meat restaurant where we had a delicious meal. The potatoes arrachera were to die for. Zophia wanted Dina’s order, but she wouldn’t share, so Zophia ordered some to go and had it for lunch the next day.